We make measurement in track and after repair of vehicle, instrument of computer newest generation of the name "TOUCH" Italian firm SPANESI. Instrument this do1 measures datas of body in cars with exactitude 1 mm , and in case of measurements of motor-cycles' frames from precision 0,1 mm and angles from precision to 0,01 of degree.


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Beyond printout of diagram of measured points, customer receives certificate of repaired vehicle that is : detailed datas of vehicle, nominal dimensions of base points, measured datas and differences. Vehicle, which became violate construction never has fulfiled requirements of safety in time of drive and it will not be peaceable with passed dimensions through manufacturer, if it will not be repaired using such great instrument. Each driver who doesn't have certainty of state of technical when it comes to his vehicle, or wanting itself to buy vehicle from "2 - hand" should execute such measurement for own and different users of road of safety.