Workshop - practical technologies
Tinner's shop
Our Company specialises in repair cars and motorcycles after accident in range of tinwork, varnishing and mechanic. Tinner services are made on very high-level and all is controlled by the most modern computer measuring system of Italian company SPANESI. Customer receives detailed printout of a car condition before and after repair. Repair of vehicle with so precise control (exact to a millimetre) gives you 100% guarantee that your car is as safe as it would be a new one. Each vehicle test lasts about 20 minutes.

The measurement of car by the instrument SPANESI

Hall of the tinner's shop
Paint shop
Vanisher services are made with big expertness and high-quality materials. We have two varnishes chambers, American concern PPG and German concern GLASURIT. Vehicles are painted in dust-less chamber of Termomeccanica company with double lighting about air flow 20 000 m3/h with possibility of attemperation inflatable air. The compressor with high-quality helical degree of western fcompany Rotorcomp about efficiency 50 m3/h. The filter of Dutch concern Flair Deltech 15 colouring on red when the soilure oneself - it's guarantee oil away. All those elements of paint shop with high skills of workers give you the top-level of our services.
Mixing chamber of varnishes
 Hall of enamel shop
Dustless cabin

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