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Our Company specialises in repair cars and motorcycles after accident in range of tinwork, varnishing and mechanic. Tinner services are made on very high-level and all is controlled by the most modern computer measuring system of Italian company SPANESI. Customer receives detailed printout of a car condition before and after repair.


Repair of vehicle with so precise control (exact to a millimetre) gives you 100% guarantee that your car is as safe as it would be a new one. Each vehicle test lasts about 15 minutes. If you have a car, which technical condition you are not sure - come and check it ! Motorcyclist - do you know, that correct dimensions of your vehicle gives you 90% safety -CHECK BECAUSE IT'S WORTH!


Vanisher services are made with big expertness and high-quality materials. We have two varnishes chambers, American concern PPG and German concern BASF named GLASURIT. Each color can be made - it's depend on you .Vehicles are painted in dust-less chamber with high-quality devices and varnishes what with high skills of workers give you the top-level of our services.



  • Computer measurements using the most modern device (product of SPANESI's company) of chassis in cars and motorcycles. Customer receives current authorized printout of dimensions of car or motorcycle.
  • The non-cash repairs for customers of insurance firms ( PZU and others).
  • Emergency road service free.
  • Supplementary car in time repair.
  • Discount for regular customers .
  • Complex repairs.
  • All services guarantee.
  • High-quality of executed services.
  • Each service always on time.